At the press conference held at Atilla Vehbi Guest Facilities, Çalımbay wished that unwanted events had happened in the match they played against Atiker Konyaspor last week and that such events would not happen again.

Stating that the incidents should not be attributed to Konyaspor community, Çalımbay said, ” It is necessary not to include those who made the events in the sports, because we will meet more with Konyaspor. They will come here, we will go there. We will fight in a friendly and friendly way on the field. . ” he said.

“I trust my team”

Rıza Çalımbay stated that they will play a critical match with Kardemir Karabükspor at the weekend. Stating that they will need support from the fans in this competition, which they suffered from difficulties.

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Charles, Danilo and Chico were suspended, Sandro was still injured and Motta was abroad due to family reasons, Çalımbay said:

“KardemirKarabukspor is a team that is doing well, defending well. Therefore, it will be a tough match. Therefore, we need to be patient and careful. I trust my team. We will do whatever it takes to win the boomer. We came here by overcoming very difficult obstacles. Karabukspor match is one of these obstacles. We will do our best to overcome this obstacle. “

Kardemir Karabukspor’s coach Igor Tudor’s agreement with Galatasaray is not their concern, Çalımbay said, He added that they do not want to leave it to chance and will do their best to win.

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