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Fenerbahçe’s 22-year-old goalkeeper, Altay Bayındır, answered Anadolu Agency’s questions at the Ümit National team camp.

Speaking about whether or not he is waiting for an invitation from the A National Team, Bayındır said, “It doesn’t matter whether A Milli or Ümit national. said.


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Reminded that Fenerbahçe is shown as one of the favorites of the championship, Altay said, “As the community, we need the championship. We made good transfers. I hope it will end well.”

Speaking about the critical penalty he saved against Fatih Karagümrük, the successful goalkeeper, “I am happy if I contributed to the team. We are trying to reflect what our teachers said on the field. I thank everyone who trusts me. We will continue to work and develop.” used expressions.

Altay added that he does not have a situation like imitating a goalkeeper or taking an example, and that he wants to be successful by playing like him.

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