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Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe derby was evaluated in the Scottish press and Rangers’ rival in Europe, Galatasaray, faced its neighbor Fenerbahçe in the intercontinental derby. 11 players received a yellow card in the match, which was the scene of a violent conflict. statements were included.

In addition, in the news, “ Galatasaray could not win the victory it wanted before the play-off match in Glasgow. Radamel Falcao was one of the 7 Galatasaray players who received a yellow card in the malignant derby” comments were also made.


Glasgow Rangers’ technical boss Steven Gerrard evaluated the Galatasaray match by defeating Motherwell 5-1 on the road in the league. Stating that Galatasaray is a big team, the British coach also drew attention to his former teammate Ryan Babel.

Steven Gerrard for Babel “I know Ryan very well, he’s a good friend of mine. I really enjoyed playing with him. He’s playing in a good team right now. He had a bit of a mess when he was at Liverpool, but he always had to play together. He has become a great player. A strong, fast and very dangerous opponent “ said.

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Rangers’ coach, regarding the match, “We will need to know a little more about what system they are playing on their home and away. We will do a lot of work on this this week. Needless to say, we are talking about a giant club. Thursday. we will respect them “.

“Our job gets harder as we progress through the qualifiers” says Gerrard, “The quality level of our opponent is increasing individually and collectively at every stage. I am sure they will be the favorites. Galatasaray is at the level of the Champions League with players worldwide. it is a giant club. But we have to perform at our best. We have to give everything we have to see what happens after that “ spoke cautiously.


Steven Gerrard finally stated that he wanted Ianis Hagi, whose father is a Galatasaray legend Gheorghe Hagi, not to be emotionally affected by this match: I respect Ianis’s story but all my respect is not about it. This is just Rangers and It’s about Galatasaray. Ianis is very good right now and will be getting stronger and better. He started to stand out in terms of creativity and score. We are very pleased with him. We don’t want him to think about anything other than the match. He should only focus on 90 minutes and give his best performance for us. “

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