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Trabzonspor made a new move for Alpaslan Öztürk, Göztepeli, who is one of the most spoken names of the summer transfer period in the Super League. The Black Sea team, which did not find a response to the exchange offer previously offered to Göztepe, came with a new offer to realize the transfer. Continuing their testimonial negotiations with the Eye-Eye management, the burgundy-blues played their trump card openly by contacting Alpaslan. REQUESTED GUARANTEE OF GAME It was learned that the Trabzonspor management offered Alpaslan a guarantee fee of 1 million 500 thousand TL, excluding annual bonuses. Considering the offer from Trabzon, the 27-year-old stopper asked the burgundy-blue management for a play guarantee. Alpaslan Öztürk, who is the unchanging name of the eleven in Göztepe, is not yet able to respond to this request, and the transfer is expected to become clear in the coming days. became one of the sought-after names.

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