Residents of a site in the Diclekent District of Kayapınar district started to feed stray cats in the basement. Family physician Esra Cebe, who is a resident of the site, found the two legs of the cat they called ‘Melek’ when she entered the basement to feed the animals yesterday at noon. Veterinarian Nurhan Kahraman and Veterinary Health Technician Tuba Göklü intervened the cat, which was taken to the veterinary cliff near the site. While the operated cat was being kept under observation, the family doctor went to the Cebe police station and complained. While the Provincial Police Department teams started to work to catch the person or people who committed the incident, a walker was arranged for the cat to walk after discharge.

Explaining the incident, Cebe stated that the cat had been fed in the basement since it was born and raised it with the help of his father and said, “The day before, it was also playing, running. I saw that the cat’s feet were cut in the basement yesterday at noon. It was covered with dust. The veterinarian said that it was a knife cut. It is not a cut with a car engine. I went to the online site while the cat was in surgery, looked for the foot parts but was not there. I followed the traces of blood. I examined the security records. I saw it while walking around healthy there around 18:00. It came out in terms of the camera and I did not see it. Later, I made a report by calling 155. Today I gave a statement. We examined the security cameras with the police. The security camera does not work there, but We are still on track, looking for traces of blood. Our cat has no legs from the hips, “he said.


Veterinarian Nurhan Kahraman also stated that they thought it was a traffic accident at first and said, “We saw that the muscular structure of the cat did not deteriorate much. If it was stuck in the engine or there was a traffic accident, it would have been a motor oil or smell, but it was obvious that it was not. We put on serum, performed the surgery. He was under observation yesterday evening. It is now getting better. After 15-20 days of treatment, a walker will be attached to it. We do what we can clinically. We are doing our best clinically. We want the animal rights law to be enacted in order to prevent stray animals from happening.

On the other hand, the moments when the cat, whose back two legs were cut off, walked inside the site in a healthy way before the incident were reflected on the security camera.

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