Forensic police expert journalist Dominique Rizet said in a statement on BFMTV, based on police sources, that the mixtures used in making bombs in the capital Paris and Toulouse regions were detected and 9 people were detained in this regard.

Stating that the detainees confessed in their statements that “they were working on a very violent action plan and wanted to assassinate the police”, Rizet noted that among those captured was French-born Florient D, who clashed with the PKK / YPG.


Rizet pointed out that the French terrorist returned to his country in 2018 after fighting for the PKK / YPG for 10 years, and said that the police revealed that the person in question was also preparing for an action in France.

Rizet shared the information that one of the suspects, Florient D., had military information, that they were experts in bomb making and that they were capable of providing military training to others, and said that the materials used in the production of bomb vests were detected in the private truck.

Rizet emphasized that the profiles of those captured posed an alarming danger.

France, the General Directorate of Homeland Security (DGSI) announced on Tuesday that 9 persons, around the age of 30, were detained in Paris, Toulouse and Dorogne districts on suspicion of preparing for the action, and 7 of them were sent to court.

In the search made in the vehicles and homes of two of the detainees, weapons and ammunition types used in terrorist acts were found.

These people are expected to be charged with preparing for a terrorist act.

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