Greek Prime Minister Kiryakos Miçotakis made statements on the Eastern Mediterranean and the EU Leaders Summit to be held on December 10-11, in a TV program he attended.

“We were able to convert the Greek-Turkish dispute the Turkey-EU dispute.” Miçotakis said, but he gave it a chance to Turkey Turkey’s EU summit in October that “this is a positive agenda to embrace” he suggested.

Miçotakis, if the emergence of sanctions from the EU, Turkey, in other areas a “veto” the card to the question whether they would use “majority of Europeans is next to Athens. Our allies are numerous. This others can use it.” he answered.

Arguing that Turkey’s own interest to maintain tension Miçotakis, Turkey’s argued that should reassess its relations with Europe.


Miçotakis stated that Athens is ready to talk to Ankara and said, “In this context, we are ready to talk about the determination of the continental shelf and sea regions, which are our only subject, provided that there is no tension in the sea. If we cannot find a solution, let’s go to the International Court of Justice, we will respect the decision.” he spoke.

Turkey’s efforts to eliminate tension Miçotakis arguing that concrete steps within a certain period, “However, Turkey withdrew Oruc Reis ship only 10 days before the EU summit.” said.

The Greek Cypriot administration, the EU sanctions against Belarus to force Turkey to implement sanctions vetoed on 21 September.

TURKEY AND TRNC will defend the rights of the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey, in their territorial waters and the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic in the Eastern Mediterranean (TRNC), Turkish Petroleum to Joint Stock Corporation (TPAO) and the license areas within the framework of rights arising from international law in conducting research and drilling activities.

Exclusive with his Libyan Economic Zone (MEB) agreement of the United Nations (UN) as a subcontractor of the tescillenen Turkey, the use of natural resources in the sea areas “sharing of justice and fair” puts the emphasis on policy.

Turkey due to legitimate activities within their jurisdiction sea “with provocation,” accusing the Greek-Cypriot EU argues for the duo to impose unfair and illegitimate demands.

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