It leaked to the American press for which it nominated Austin shortly after US President-elect Joe Biden announced that he would announce his candidate for defense ministry on Friday.

Austin is known as the first black in the US to command a combat command.

Austin, who has a more apolitical line in his opinion, served on the board of directors of Raytheon defense company after retiring in 2016.

In the USA, by law, a person cannot be appointed to any senior civilian post in the Ministry of Defense for up to 7 years after leaving the military profession.

Since he retired in 2016, Austin needs to give an exemption from this legal situation as congress gave Jim Mattis, nominated by US President Donald Trump in 2017.

Many congressmen allegedly did not want to grant Austin an exemption in this regard.

General Lloyd Austin

Biden, who announced several ministerial candidates from his cabinet and the national security team in the past weeks, announced the Ministry of Defense candidate.

It was alleged that Biden could not agree on the candidates with his team and the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the election, Biden was expected to nominate Michele Flournoy, Former Undersecretary of Defense for the Ministry of Defense.

However, it was alleged that the Democrats found Flournoy more politically “hawk”, that tight relations with defense industry companies would be objectionable, and they wanted a black name to be appointed instead.


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