When citizens who came to Bodrum from metropolitan cities for fear of pandemics did not return to their winter homes, the winter population of the district doubled and reached 600 thousand. The risk of getting coronavirus increased in the district, which experienced the most crowded days of its history during the winter months. The coronavirus test of 29 municipal workers who worked in Bodrum Municipality so far and the quarantine of 134 personnel also increased the anxiety. The people of the district came to their summer houses from big cities and reacted to those who remained.

Stating that he lives in a caravan and does not enter the crowd, Tekin Çekin said, “I come from Didim. It should be strictly forbidden to come from outside of the city. There are people who come from Istanbul to visit here or to Izmir. They should be banned. Don’t come, sit in your place. Our anxiety is increasing. Maybe they will get the virus themselves rather than infecting the virus. I try to live as isolated in my trailer as much as I can.


Expressing that Bodrum has become an unsafe place, Recep Demir said, “Most of the summer house owners from Istanbul have not returned. Bodrum has become an unsafe place. 20 out of every 50 vacationers stay here.” Istanbul is not safe. O For this reason, we stay in the summer house. ”I used to live in a rental house for 800 TL. Now there is no house for 1500 TL. Bodrum has become crowded. In these months, these places would not be so crowded. “It is full now. As such, our uneasiness increased. I try to pay attention as much as I can. When I touch something, I immediately apply my cologne.”
Saying that they came from Istanbul in March, Necla Altuner said, “Everyone is right. Whoever finds it safe for himself is taking shelter and trying to protect himself from the virus.”


Corona shock in Bodrum Municipality!

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