While Texas black Brandon Bernard (40) was executed with a poison injection in the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, a death sentence was imposed for the first time in the United States after 130 years in the presidential transition period.

Four more death row inmates are scheduled to be sentenced before Trump takes over.

If there is no change in these decisions, the highest number of executions in more than a hundred years will have occurred under Trump. The number of prisoners executed since July will also increase to 13.

Bernard, who was 18 years old when he committed the crime, apologized to the family of the couple who were killed before the execution of his sentence.


Bernard was a member of the gang that murdered a couple in the state of Iowa 21 years ago at the age of 18.

The gang, who approached their vehicle to rob Todd and Stacey Bagley, locked the couple in the trunk at gunpoint and started looking for a cash machine to use their bank cards. After withdrawing the money, gang leader Christopher Andre Vialva shot the victims in the head and ordered Bernard to burn the couple to make sure they were dead.

Later, the car the couple was in was set on fire by Bernard. Bernard’s lawyers argued that the couple died before the car was burned.

The Attorney General said that Todd Bagley died after being shot, and Stacey Bagley, who had soot in his windpipe, died of smoke poisoning.

19-year-old Vialva, who had shot double, was sentenced to death along with Bernard. The other three defendants received prison sentences for being under the age of 18. Vialva was executed in September.


Many famous figures in the US called on President Donald Trump to convert Bernard’s death sentence to life imprisonment.

Bernard’s lawyers also applied to the Supreme Court to stop the execution, but the Supreme Court rejected this request.

Four more federal executions are planned in the weeks before Joe Biden, elected president in the US, takes office.

During the lame duck period in the country, death sentences were last executed in the 1890s during Grover Cleveland’s presidency.

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